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29.06.2016 Our Vessel Eldborg Can Now Celebrate Seven Years Without a Lost Time Accident

Eldborg was delivered from Fjellstrand AS seven years ago, on the 26th of June in 2009. During the vessels whole lifetime, there has not been reported any LTA.
This is an achievement we are very proud of, and we are likewise thankful for the safety minded and competent crew-members on-board Eldborg these past 7 years. Some of the original crewmembers on-board Eldborg are still part of the crew.  
Eldborg has been in continuous operation since delivery and some of the charterers of Eldborg are:
•             Det Norske Oljeselskap
•             Statoil Tanzania
•             Statoil
•             Shell Norge
•             Other shorter charterers on the spot market
This is a significant achievement by the crewmembers on-board Eldborg, and our aim is that the following seven years will also be without any LTA.