On Friday the 26th of September, Skansi Offshore was crowned “Company of the year 2014” by the House of Industry on the Faroe Islands (Vinnuhúsið). Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, Managing Director proudly accepted the award, with these words:
 “Visions are not only good, but necessary, but without the right abilities, competences, patient shareholders – and not the least – loyal employees, those visions will merely remain dreams.
Some have shared our visions with us. Today’s great honour is dedicated to You.
Our company will neither be made better or worse by receiving the award “Company of the Year 2014”. But we are to say the least pleased by the fact that our efforts the past years are noticed by others, and that we are given this recognition. And for that we are grateful.
This is a complement and recognition to all of You who chose to come on this ride with us.  
-          To all our Skansi employees, both off-shore and on-shore, who have chosen to be part of our company, despite the fact that you, with your capabilities have had many other possibilities.
-          To those of you who chose to make a financial investment in us, prior to any of our vessels was in operation.   
-          To those of you who displayed courage and chose to take the risk and invest in a company heading into a market segment previously unknown to the Faroe Islands.
We proudly and gladly accept this honour, You have deserved it. Thank you!”