Last fall, we proudly participated in the starting point of the first local Cadet Programme, as one of the approved shipping companies for cadet training. The Cadet Programme allows those seeking to educate themselves as Masters of Navigation to alternate between the school bench and the seagoing service, and thus be in close contact with the maritime industry during the whole study period.
At Skansi we recognise the cadets not only as time limited resources/trainees, but as our potential future deck officers. We have always taken pride in local sailors and the local maritime industry as a whole, and we have a genuine interest in the continuous development and improvement of the maritime educations. Local content involvement is a central part of our CSR strategy.

Therefore, it was undisputable to us to take an active part in the Cadet Programme, by offering ourselves as a training place for the cadets’ active seagoing service. We wish to be recognised as a shipping company where the will to educate, and the will to transfer knowledge is exceptional. We also wish to be recognised for our focus on well-being, and for the opportunities, we offer for long-term careers. We strive each day to reach these goals, and our participation in the Cadet Program is one piece of that puzzle.
Words from a first time Cadet:
“Skansi Offshore, as the first company to be assigned for, was deemed secure, prepared and really well organised. The staff in Skansi Offshore seemed highly interested in the new study system. After a great and satisfying presentation, I left well briefed. 
Just as its company, the vessel I was assigned to was also well organised. Security, safety and preparation was a daily thing on-board, and this was completely new for me. Not a single day went by, without learning something new.
The on-board crew also proved interested in the new study system. I soon realised, that they were all happy to share their knowledge and help me learn, each and every day. 
To get the chance, not only to study in school, but for some practice at sea, gives a lot of real and high-value experiences. To prove your newly learned skills, to see if this life is for you, to try for yourself. All this, is essential for your upcoming life at sea. It makes the way of learning a lot more interesting and fun.”       
-       Deck cadet, Class of 2018.