A long-term sustainable solution

  • Enables existing operators to help clean the oceans for plastic.

  • No need for extra vessels – can be used on standby or low-speed PSVs or fishing vessels.

  • Includes waste management area.

  • Max. speed when active: 4 knots

  • Coverage: ship width plus 3 meters on each side

Ocean Plastic Collector

Sustainable collection of plastics from the Ocean in the Arctic / North Sea region.

Skansi Offshore has developed a new system to assist in the collection of plastic from the Ocean.

The system is intended to be used by vessels simultaneously occupied with other commercial operations, hereby reducing the resources used in the collection of plastics from the Ocean, whilst improving the utilization of vessels already operating in the areas.

Results of Skansi’s Ocean cleaning system will include:

  • Sustainable fishing in the Arctic area (MLC approved), whilst simultaneously cleaning the ocean for plastics.

  • PSV / Standby rescue duties, whilst simultaneously cleaning the ocean for plastics.

  • Ocean cleaning vessels become redundant as other vessels perform their task, resulting in:

    • Fewer vessels causing marine pollution.

    • Lower oil consumption, as the vessels equipped with the system are already located in the area.

    • Vessels using the system will be equipped with plastic garbage holds, eliminating the need for Garbage Sampling Vessels.

    • Lower operational costs, as the need for extra vessels with additional crew members disappears.

In addition, the system will:

  • Improved navigational safety as:

    • Fewer vessels will be operating in the area.

    • The system is an active method of Ocean cleaning, as the vessels always have a sharp look out on the bridge.

      • Some ongoing Ocean cleaning projects are passive and therefore potentially pose a significant threat to marine traffic.

  • Significantly reduce operational risk, as the crew-members onboard our vessels are already familiar with the area of operation.

  • Be based on simple and well-known technology, which can be easily installed onboard a PSV or trawler new-build.

  • Be a viable long-term sustainable solution, which does not solely rely on charity-based funding.

At Skansi Offshore we are committed to reducing or vessel’s oil consumption and marine pollution. The installation of hybrid-energy solutions has been planned for all our vessels, which will lead to lower oil consumption and lower air emissions from our vessels.

About Skansi

Skansi Offshore is one of the leading shipping companies in the North Atlantic, specializing in PSV support for the offshore industry.

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