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The Skansi Offshore vision is based on three main pillar that define us as a good company, one of them including our focus on sustainability and environment. We recognise the responsibilities we have towards our planet and our people and we want to lead the way for a more sustainable and greener maritime future.

in 2024 we will announce our ESG targets, strategies and our approach to ESG.

At Skansi Offshore we have always incorporated CSR in all our practices by engaging ourselves in the local community, focusing on local workforce development, engaging ourselves in charity, and by having high focus on environmentally friendly processes and materials.

However, the process of formalising those practises began in 2013. It is a constantly on-going continuous, and dynamic process. We have chosen to use the ISO 26000 standard as a guide, when formalising our effort with the integration of CSR into our values and practices.

We are ISO 14001:2015 certified and fulfil all the requirements in the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

We prevent pollution and reduce emissions of pollutants into
the air, water, and soil as much as possible by:

• Highly focusing on fuel saving on-onboard all our vessels.

• Using – and always looking for more – environmentally
friendly technologies.

• Practicing environmental procurement – evaluating
suppliers of materials and services on whether they are
environmentally friendly. We demand from our suppliers
that their materials and processes are as environmentally
friendly as possible.

Protecting and restoring the natural environment.
All company vessels forward a monthly environmental report to
clients in which the main focus is:

• Fuel Reduction
• Reduction of CO2 emissions
• Reduction of NOx Emissions
• Reduction of SOx Emissions
• Waste segregation *
• Zero oil-spill

* Minimising waste, responsible waste handling and waste
segregation are focus areas on-board our vessels. All vessels
log waste segregation ratios.