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About Skansi Offshore

About Skansi Offshore

"Skansi" means fortress

Our name clearly delineates our point of departure: the Faroese word 'skansi' means fortress; it is a stronghold, a safe haven, and an observation point from which you 'scan the sea', traditionally from a lighthouse, offering navigational help to vessels and a safe haven to turn to. But there is also a distinctly naval denotation: The 'skansi' of a ship is its aft deck or quarterdeck, traditionally featuring the navigational highpoint and steering.

'Skansi' amply reflects both our local vantage point and our broader, more international outlook. But there is one thing that truly sets us apart from the competition: our team. With operational excellence at our core, we operate with strong respect for the local countries and waters that we work in, adding a human dimension to our approach. While delivering reliable and safe offshore support and transportation services for the international offshore oil and gas industry, our mindset of being 'in good company' extends to our personal relations at our office, on our ships, and with our clients and operational partners.

The only surviving skansi, or fortress, in the Faroe Islands is situated in Tórshavn, the center of the islands. Our headquarters, fittingly located at Skansavegur 7, overlooks the unique features of this 'skansi'. To us, this marks both a continuation of our company's long history and our progressive, forward-looking mindset.