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Our Crew

We recognise that our crew is our most valued asset and we always encourage our crew to make a carrier with us. All off our Masters and most of our Chief Engineers started out on the deck, or as a 2nd Officer or as a Jr. Engineer, and worked their way through the ladder.

We want to showcase the work onboard our offshore vessels and these clips shows a brief overwiew of the daily tasks that are beeing handled in the Engine room and onboard the deck.


Enginee Room

Platform support vessles (PSVs) are specialized ships that provide support services to offshore oil and gas exploration and production activities. The engine room is the heart of the ship, providing necessary power and essential fluids for a modern vessel.

The engine room is a critical component of an PSV, and it is essential that it is well-maintained and operated by trained personnel. The engine rooms onboard our vessels are staffed by a team of engineers who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the engines and other equipment. Each engine room is staffed with a Chief Engineer, 1st Engineer and 2nd Engineer.

We want to be able to help educate new engineers, and besides the permanent engine team, three of our vessels have Jr. Engineers and Engine Cadets working in the engine room.